Monday, October 22, 2007

Paul Byrd Was Using HGH? I Knew It!!!!

Remember that old fart that beat us in the LCS last week? Paul Byrd was his name and I just knew something wasn't right with him. First I thought he was the pitcher from that movie Major League back in the 1980's. Heck, that probably was him, but today we hear bigger news: That guy has been taking HGH for several years now!

OK, most guys take that stuff and bulk up like Barry Bonds, right? So what happened with this dude? Well, after I got curious during our series with the Indians I decided to have a hidden camera installed in their locker room. Check out Byrd's feet on the way to the shower!!! Shit, all that HGH apparently went to his damned feet! (The dude's got some seriously bony knees, btw!)


Frank Coffey said...

George, your fans at want you to chill. Byrd CANNOT be criticized and here's why:

After listening to Paul Bryd's explanation for his HGH use - "Jesus said it was okay" - the Cleveland Indians have picked up the pitcher's $8 million 2008 option.

Gotta pick your fights carefully, big guy.

Fake George Steinbrenner said...

Ouch. And here I am, getting closer and closer to death every day! Sorry, big Fella!

hghater said...

Some doctors have been concerned about giving HGH to diabetics. Previous studies, including Dr. Rudman's study using large doses of HGH, showed that HGH had caused increased insulin resistance in patients, so diabetics saw an increase in blood glucose levels.