Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Mitchell Steroid Report: Who Cares?!

Big deal. George Mitchell releases his big report on who's been shooting up over the years. Come on. Does anyone really care about this? And oh, don't give me crap about there being some Yankees on the list. Sure, Clemens and Pettitte are as guilty as Giambi and Sheffield, but hey, it's not considered cheating if you're doing it to win for the pinstripes, baby!

Speaking of which, is it me or were you also not terribly surprised that Mitchell didn't narc on any big-name Red Sox players? The guy's on Boston's payroll so it's not exactly shocking that he didn't bother mentioning their 'roid rage monsters!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NFL Conspiracy Theory

You'd think I'd be busy orchestrating off-season signings but I've actually been spending a lot of time watching NFL games lately. After watching last night's debacle between the Patriots and the Ravens I'm 100% convinced the NFL is fixed.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has a nightmare on his hands. With all the arrests and other legal issues facing players in his league they're starting to rival the NBA on the thuggery scale.

The Patriots run is exactly what Goodell needs to distract the nation from the next run-in with the law. As long as the Patriots are undefeated that next arrest probably won't appear till the back page of the sports section.

Looking a little closer to home, is Eli Manning even an NFL caliber quarterback? After watching his last few games I think it's true that the Manning family does indeed have two quality QB's. Unfortunately for Eli, one of them is named Archie.