Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cashman Meeting Notes

I'm going to use this blog to give you a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of the world's most important sports franchise...

Had a big meeting with Cashman today. It was right after lunch. Chinese food. I had General Tso's chicken. I don't know who the hell General Tso was, or if he even fought for our army, but damn, he makes good chicken...

Anyway, back to the meeting. So this Cashman guy, well, I goofed by entrusting him with the Yankees purse strings. Big mistake! I mean, this is the guy who got us Carl Pavano! The guy's won, what, 5 freakin' games in the last 3 years?! Great investment Brian, great investment.

So while I'm listening to Cashman going on and on about how he's gonna "turn the season around" and that he "just needs to spend a few more million", the ole General is starting to toss and turn in my belly.

The "critical notes" I took during the meeting are shown above. Yeah, I'm a doodler and I couldn't stop thinking about those darned fortune cookies! How do they get those fortunes inside anyway? And how do those Chinese always know what's going to happen to me?!

One final question: Do you suppose "Cashman" was always his name? I mean, doesn't it seem kinda ironic to you that the guy is always out there spending all my cash, man? Damn, The Boss is funny tonight!!!!!

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