Thursday, June 28, 2007

Got My iPhone!

Yeah, that's pays to have connections. Steve is a good friend of mine and he sent me an iPhone last week. That's mine on the left and Cashman's old piece of crap on the right. (He doesn't deserve current technology, not until he gets this damned team turned around!)

I still haven't figured out how to use the crazy thing though. Can you believe there are no buttons on it? How the hell do do you do anything with this?! I got frustrated and just left it on my desk, but then I realized it was still on and all sorts of colorful things were flashing across the screen. I had to turn it over.

When I do finally figure it out I know exactly what my speed dial list is going to look like:

#1 - Cashman (You never know when you need to make an emergency trade.)
#2 - Cashman (In case I can't get him via that first entry.)
#3 - The Yankees Dugout (Torre doesn't always know when it's best to make a pitching change.)
#4 - Cashman (As a backup, just in case either of those first two entries don't work.)
#5 - Paris Hilton (Thankfully, our long, national nightmare is over and I'll be able to talk to her again.)

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