Friday, August 10, 2007

Ankiel's First Better Than Bonds' 756th

Man, my eyes welled up with tears watching Rick Ankiel hit that homerun last night. Talk about a feel good story. Wow!

Contrast that with the walking syringe, AKA Barry Bonds, and his 756th homer with an asterisk. I almost vomited watching replays of that one. It's a shame some people will actually look at him as the new king. Yuck.

Speaking of Ankiel though, I find it intriguing that a pitcher can reinvent himself as a position player. Do you suppose there's any chance we could convert our entire bullpen into position players? I mean, whatever they've been doing this year certainly doesn't qualify as "pitching", so why not give it a shot? Get it? "Shot", picture of a syringe... Yeah, I know. I missed my calling as a comedian. Cashman never seems to laugh though. I think his mom dropped him one time too many when he was a baby.

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