Thursday, August 9, 2007

Babe Ruth Says We Suck

I just woke up from my afternoon nap. Boy do I feel refreshed!

I had a vivid dream about the old Bambino himself, Babe Ruth. I'm tellin' ya, I could even smell the guy's farts...that's how realistic this thing was!

Anyway, he tells me he's totally embarrassed to be associated with the Yankees these days. He went on to say our entire team flat out sucks. He said I should fire every single one of them and start over.

Babe went on to tell me he thinks Kyle Farnsworth is the worst of them all. Not just current Yankees. The worst since the beginning of the franchise back in 1903. Can you believe it?!

One other thing...he told me that signing Clemens was a huge mistake. Oh sure, now he tells me, long after I've shelled out millions for the season. He says he's still chuckling at Roger's current 4-5 record and asked me to tell him once again how much we're paying him. I told him "about $26 million" and the Bambino just about crapped his pants laughing.

What does that lard ass know, anyway?

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