Saturday, August 4, 2007

I Love Cracker Jack Prizes!

I love Cracker Jacks. I eat boxes of 'em all day long. My doctor tells me I need to cut back, but hey, I don't smoke or drink so I figure this is my one vice.

What do I love most about Cracker Jacks? The prizes! Man, those darned things are the best! It's the unknown aspect that gets me so excited about them. Sort of like what we can expect from this new Betamit kid Cashman just traded for...

Speaking of Cashman, that bastard wouldn't let me put the temporary tattoo that came in one of my Cracker Jack boxes today. He said "it wouldn't be very dignifying" of me to walk around with a temporary tattoo on. Screw him. I went ahead and applied it to my butt when he wasn't looking!


Anonymous said...

please continue to do what you do.

btw, are you a yankees fan?

Fake George Steinbrenner said...

Am I a Yankees fan?! You bet! Heck, I love them so much I *bought* the darned team!

(And yes, my alter-ego, the individual that drives this site, is definitely a die-hard Yankees fan!)

Anonymous said...

it just wouldnt be as funny if you werent a yankees fan