Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Barry Bonds Rookie Card

After digging through piles of boxes in my basement I think I've stumbled upon a gold mine. Yes, I have a rookie card from Barry Bonds' first season in the major leagues. You can't tell me this guy hasn't been juicing up since back then. His whole body just looks so much larger now, don't you think?

This baby must be worth a small fortune!


Rale said...

Boy if only it was worth his weight today in gold you be even more loaded George!!

Paul Mackowick said...

Hey Fake George, I remember that year. He was a lot harder to hit with a battery from the outfield bleachers back then!

Fake George Steinbrenner said...

Ah, the old battery-throwing days. I hope you respect the fact that we invented that tradition right here at Yankee Stadium! I have such wonderful memories of AA's and AAA's being tossed at many a player over the years. I gotta tell you though, the 9-volt ones generally go the furthest!