Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Yankees Bore Me -- I'm Going on a Road Trip

Yeah, I know. It's a weird time to take a road trip. We just closed the gap with the Sox to 4 games and are in a dead heat with the Mariners for the wildcard. Big deal. Ever since my 77th birthday I've decided life's too short to sit around and get angry with a bunch of under-performers.

I'm heading out tomorrow morning, but I'm not gonna tell you where I'm heading till I'm already there. Sort of like that Matt Lauer thing on the Today Show. We can call this, "Where In The World is The Boss"!

More details to come...

P.S. -- There's no way I'm gonna bother stopping in San Francisco. I don't want to see that human growth hormone freak known as Barry Bonds.

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