Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hank Can't Stay Focused!

Can you believe it?! The final opening day of Yankee Stadium and my stupid son Hank is standing out in the friggin' parking lot! Yeah, that's right. Read this story and you'll get the details, although they mis-quoted us a couple of times.

For example, when that fan yelled to me "We're going to have a good season", I didn't yell back "I hope so", like the article says. I told the guy to go to hell. I mean, who's this stranger to tell me what his hopes are for my team this year?!

Here's another one... When they asked Hank why he missed the first part of the game they quoted him as follows: "I wanted to see the opening ceremony. Then I wanted to take a break."

Bullshit! The kid's always had a tiny bladder. What he really said was, "Then I had to take a leak."

Reporters. None of 'em are worth a damn.

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