Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jose Canseco, Scholar (?!)

Our boys got rained out yesterday and the prospects aren't looking much better for tonight's make-up game. That's OK, it gives me more time to read that gripping new book from Jose Canseco, Vindicated.

Speaking of which, have you seen this video (below) of him from ESPN? Who was the genius that decided to interview Canseco in...wait for it...wait for it...a friggin' library?! Please! I'm still not convinced the guy can read and they do this interview in a library with a bunch of books behind him.

Yeah, when I think of Jose Canseco I immediately think of other brainiacs like Einstein and Galileo. Yep, that's right. All Canseco's missing in this interview is a pipe ans smoking jacket. The man is such an egghead!

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