Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Didn't Know that "Giambi" Means "E3" in Italian

Well, I should say I didn't know it till last night. Did you see that ape on the field? That Puma fella over at the Post sums it up pretty well in this article.

Giambi is physically unable to make even the simplest of plays at first base. So you might be asking, "hey, boss, why are you playing him there?"

First of all, don't ever call me "boss." I only let my friends call me that. Second, Giambi played first last night despite my strong protest. Hank is a stubborn shit and won't listen to me and Girardi already thinks he's Einstein reincarnated as a baseball manager. In short, I can't get through to either of them.

You know, in hindsight, Torre's not looking so bad after all. I am gonna be so pissed of the Red Sox finish ahead of us again this season...

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