Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Alfonso Soriano

Can someone please remind me of why we gave up on this kid? He looks like he's done pretty well for himself since we dumped him. I mean, he's playing in the freakin' All Star game tonight!

He plays outfield now, right? I don't think any of our outfielders made the All Star team. Heck, we weren't happy with how he played second base, but I'm pretty sure our second baseman isn't on the All Star team either. We could really use a fella like this on our club this year.

I hope we got something good for him when we sent him packing. Wait a minute. Wasn't he part of the A-Rod deal a few years ago? Well, I guess it's worked out OK for us, as long as you don't count the post season.

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thescoundrel said...

Hah! Your team's loss looks to have turned into may favorite team, the cubbys, gain.