Monday, July 9, 2007

Cashman Screws Up Buehrle Negotiations!

When am I gonna learn?! If I want something done right around here, I just need to do it myself! I told Cashman to get Buehrle from the White Sox. I didn't care what the price was. We need pitching, especially from the left side.

I tell him nobody's untouchable in a potential trade. Hell, I'd love to get rid of some of these over-paid egomaniacs anyway. (Without naming names, I'm thinking of someone whose name begins with "A" and ends with "Rod".)

So what does Cashman do? He comes back and tells me he couldn't work a deal and that the Sox just signed him to a contract extension. Great job, Brian.

That ain't how it worked when I was making things happen here in the old days. If I wanted someone, dammit, I opened the checkbook and got 'em. No matter what the price, they became a Yankee.

I told Cashman I'm less than pleased with these results. I also told him he needs to get us some pitching help before the trading deadline or he might as well pack up his office. I'm gathering some empty boxes for him either way.

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