Monday, July 16, 2007

Overdressed for the Plate

What's with all the elbow pads, shin guards, instep brackets and every other piece of gear guys are wearing to the batters box these days? Heck, no wonder Barry Bonds can't run -- he's carrying around about 50 extra pounds of padding and armor!

Take a look at video and photos from the 1980's and before. Can you find a single player who wore any of this crap? No! That's because the players were tougher back then. Hell, rumor has it that Yogi Berra once played an entire season without a cup! Now that's tough.

I'd like to see A-Rod try that, just for one game. Yeah, and then I'd like to see one take a bad hop and nail him right in the nads. Let's see how tough he really is.

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