Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who Is This Vizcaino Fella?!

Cashman tells me he's yet another one of these kids we found floating on a raft in the Gulf of Mexico. Does that matter to me?! Heck no! Look at what he did for us yesterday... This kid picked up W's in both games of our doubleheader against Tampa Bay! Two wins in one day! Hell, some of our pitchers can't get that in an entire month!

And get this: He managed to do this while only throwing 33 pitches the whole day (19 in one game and 14 in the other)!

I told Cashman that after a performance like this we need to have this kid pitch every game for us. He tells me that would result in "fatigue and arm problems." What do I care? A win is a win, and even if he can't throw anymore I'll bet he can get me a great deal on some Cuban cigars!

I need to head down to the locker room and introduce myself to this fellow...

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