Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gary Sheffield's Black and White World

Now that he's gone I guess I can just admit it: I never liked that Sheffield fellow. He fought with everybody, was a cancer on the clubs he played for before ours and, well, that whole "Shef's chefs" thing never made much sense to me. I mean, who the hell wears a baker's hat to the ballpark?! I got stuck behind those guys one time and couldn't see a damned thing.

His latest outburst has to do with our team and Joe Torre in particular. Supposedly we're a bunch of racists. He said Joe calls out the black players in front of the team but pulls the white ones into his office to save them from embarrassment.

OK Gary, if you're so smart, what do you think Torre does with Jeter? You do know he's biracial, right? Yeah, that's right Mr. Smartypants. I got you on this one!!! What, do you think Torre berates him in front of the team and pulls him into his office? I don't think so!

My advice to Mr. Sheffield: Think before you speak next time. There might be some exceptions that you haven't considered!

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