Sunday, July 1, 2007

Had a Dream Last Night

Yeah, I had a dream last night. It was all about firing Joe Torre. It felt pretty good. Woke up a new man.

I still worry about the community outrage this might cause. After all, everybody loves Joe because he's "such a nice guy", "always treats the players with respect", "doesn't yell and scream" and all that other crap you hear about him. So I decided to use technology to help me with my problem...

I recently launched a site called Go to it. Voice your opinion. I'll check back in over the next few days and I'll follow the popular vote, assuming I haven't already fired him by then!

P.S. -- I never really liked the way he wears his hat. Have you ever noticed? He wears those darned old-fashioned ones! Joe, have you ever heard of low-profile caps?! Jees, we've got tons of 'em in the clubhouse...pick one up and put it on!

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