Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No, I'm Not Giving The Yankees to the Gates Foundation!

Who writes this crap anyway?! Have you seen this article over on eTrueSports?! I'm supposedly going to just donate the Yankees to the Gates Foundation! Yeah, right.

Microsoft is so 1990's-ish. There's no way I'd give the team to these clowns! They can't even release a reliable desktop operating system. No way.

Nope, I've decided to hand the team over to the Google Foundation. Now those guys know what Web 2.0 is all about! It puts my mind at ease just knowing that the Yankees will have a future that features all the latest technologies. And anything I can do to leave my kids penniless also makes me feel warm all over. I consider it a win-win...something the Yankees haven't been able to do all season.


Frank said...

George, eTrueSports apologizes! We didn't realize you were a 2.0 type guy. We do want to give you a heads up about Carl Pavano. We've published a report that he's hired mob lawyer Bruce Cutler and is coming after you. Watch your back, buddy!

Frank and your fans at eTrueSports.

Fake George Steinbrenner said...

You bet I'm a 2.0 kinda guy. Actually, I'm more forward thinking than that. I'm a freakin' 3.0 guy!

And Pavano, please! I could take that guy with my bare hands and I'm a good 40 years older than him! I don't owe that punk a nickel. He's lucky I don't sue him!