Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not So Sure About This Mark Cuban Fellow

You know, he really doesn't look Cuban. I've heard him speak and he doesn't even have a Cuban accent. What's up with that?

You probably know more about him than I do. After all, I'm not much of an NBA fan. I don't see what the attraction is to a sport featuring a bunch of freaks with pituitary gland problems. If most of those guys would have gotten the proper medical treatment when they were younger they wouldn't be the circus sideshow freaks they are today.

Anyway, I see he's looking to buy the Chicago Cubs. I guess that would be OK, especially since they're not in our league and all, but I'm not sure I trust the guy. He's gotten into all sorts of hot water with the NBA, basically calling them a bunch of old farts. Well hey, I just happen to be one of the oldest, fartiest people involved in baseball, so watch your step Mr. Cuban!

I'm also worried that he'll have a direct line to all those future defectors coming from his homeland. That's not much of a benefit in the NBA but let me tell ya, it's a huge plus here in the world of baseball!


frank coffey said...

But changing the name of Wrigley? That's what eTrueSports is reporting.

"Mark Cuban, gadfly internet billionaire and prospective owner of the Chicago Cubs, plans to rename Wrigley Field "Yahoo! Yard" and delete its ivy."

Fake George Steinbrenner said...

OK, I think this only proves my point! I don't think this guy can be trusted. I've told Cashman a million times now that you can't always be sure about these darned Cubans. Remember El Duque and how he totally hosed us? That's right. He's a Cuban too!